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Buy sweet island skunk

It’s distinguished by its exceptionally extended potency, great “bag appeal,” and characteristic pungent sweet citrus reek. Which strain is capable of competing with the greatest in the world? Buy sweet island skunk.

Northern Lights/Haze x Grapefruit
Breeder Steve, a famed Canadian breeder, bred this puppy on Vancouver Island. Steve believed the parentage was Grapefruit x Big Skunk Korean at first, but after flowering the seeds, he realised he had mislabeled the male and it was his Northern Lights/Haze.

Light green blossoms with pale orange pistils, dense, sturdy flowers that are susceptible to foxtaililing if plucked late. Small-headed trichomes with a medium-long stem.

It emits an authentic skunky fragrance with a hint of sweetness while in the jar, making it a very delicious-smelling sample. It explodes into a fantastic combination of sweet citrus, dirt, and pine that is quite pungent when broken up. A fantastic representation of both aspects of this strain’s distinctive fragrance.

It tasted like a pia colada stirred with a pine branch, with velvety citrus and a pine twang.

After a brief pause, the effects kicked in, with moments of staring at nothing or deep thought about random themes blending into a somewhat spacey sensation to begin with. This strain was exceptional in that it maintained its strength for an extended period of time, only fading somewhat from its heady start as time passed. As the minutes passed, this I.S.S. grew increasingly obvious in the body, relaxing the limbs and preventing aches and pains while keeping a floaty brand of functionality. With sporadic relapses of spaciness, this med gave a soothing yet functional ride that lasted a long time, obviating the need to re-medicate for nearly 4 hours.

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14gm, 1oz, 1\4 Pound, 1\2 Pound, 1 Pound

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