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Buy OG ghost strain online

This strain scored really well in every category, with the smell and aesthetics grabbing our attention the most. We believe that this is a daytime medication. Its mental and physical stimulation would certainly keep a patient up at night, racing his or her thoughts. In terms of everyday use, we preferred a lower dosage of this strain. We became less functional both cognitively and socially as a result of the psychedelic aspects we experienced at high doses. Those parts of the experience will likely appeal to the more daring members of the MMJ patient community. Buy OG ghost strain online

the lineage (Buy OG ghost train)
Nevil’s Wreck Story x Ghost’s OG Kush
Rare Dankness bred this strain as part of their Ghost Train Haze collection, which combines legendary OG Kushes with Nevil’s Wreck. When High Times put this strain to the test at the Cannabis Cup, it was named the Strongest Strain on Earth.

Open cluster calyxes with wide claw-shaped dark olive green sepals. Long, thin-stalked wavy trichomes with average heads cover the pisitls in bursts of crimson bronze.

The scent lacked any true traces of the Ghost’s OG pedigree, but that didn’t seem to bother anyone. The perfume is a lovely blend of anise, grenadine, and citrus with traces of anise, grenadine, and citrus. It’s combined into a “cherry-limeade” according to some reviews. It’s intricate and fascinating, with just enough bite after the grind. This has a fantastic scent that Trainwreck and Haze fans would like.

It’s difficult not to be little dissatisfied in the flavour after the world-class scent experience. The flavour had a stronger OG flavour than the aroma. It has a sharpness similar to that of a pine cleaner, as well as a floral Haze sweetness. The exceptionally smooth smoking experience was one of our favourite aspects of this strain. It never made us want to cough and kept its flavour until approximately halfway through the bowl. For a comparable item,

We had some minor disputes among the review team about the overall strength of this hybrid – some thought it was in the top 10% of medical potency, while others (one of whom had already tried the strain) thought it just didn’t get there. The uplifting and invigorating sensations that begin this experience will make any true Sativa fan happy, but those who struggle with the more stimulating strains may become uneasy. A strong ‘facial mask’ sensation of buzzing pressure persisted, and our eyes were particularly red during the early stages of the duration.

The impact was more tolerable and social at smaller doses than our typical KR review portion, but otherwise it was a touch too tough intellectually to keep focused with anything other than one’s own thoughts for the most part. The primary effects started to fade after approximately 1.5 hours, but the energy and mental activity lasted until almost the end, when a slight Sativa crash set in, leaving us mentally stunted and in a dreamlike mental state to finish.

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