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It is unknown how tough it is to grow weed from Pink Lemonade cannabis seeds or cuttings. This is due to the fact that this information is not generally known, and different seed suppliers sell different strains by the same name. You can use a grow tent and 5 gallon buckets for a standard, rapid indoor grow. If you know how to use hydroponics, sea of green, topping, and/or screen of green, you might be able to increase your yields. You only need to pick a nice organic soil and fertiliser mix with a standard setup. Beginner growers use pre-blends such as Flower Power, while more experienced growers create their own custom nutrition mixes.

Flowering will occur after 8 weeks of 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark lighting. Bundle your buds together and hang them to dry. You can preserve them in darker mason jars with oxygen holes after they’ve dried. To keep things fresh, you can use a Canadoor and CVaults. You can acquire around 30 ounces per square metre of space indoors.

You’ll need a sunny, Mediterranean-style grow area if you’re going to grow outside. Use natural methods to keep pests away from your plants so you don’t have to use as many pesticides, which can taint your final product. For each plant, you should anticipate to take away 18 ounces.

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