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Lemon Haze Kush is an unusually well known sativa-overwhelming blend that determines the two its strength and its ground-shattering fragrance from two esteemed guardians: it is a cross between sativa half breed Silver Haze and sharp Lemon Skunk. With a notable citrus flavor profile and an enduring, magnificently adjusted high for sure, this bud is an edge for indica and sativa fans the same. Cannabis testing lab Analytical 360 location Lemon Haze’s psych activity at among 12% and an amazing 25%.

Flowers of Super Lemon Haze dazzle with an distinctive shape and surface. These buds are medium to big in size and follow in generally round lumps. In spite of the fact that the leaves are densely pressed, they have a fairly pummeled and fleecy appearance. These fluffy leaves are an overgrown shade of green and are suspend through with lively orange pistils. Golden trichomes spread these buds, giving them a somewhat yellow shine and characterize their high psych activity.

Lemon Haze Marijuana Strain

At the point when appositely relieved, Lemon Haze strain carry a solid citrus fragrance; the tang of lemon is the overwhelming aroma. Hanging out beneath is a hot home grown kick that enthusiasts of parent strain Haze will in all probability perceive. Shockingly, this strain has little of the harsh funk that report its other parent, Lemon Skunk. Whenever blazed Lemon Haze strain ignites with a smooth and adeptly ingested smoke. This smoke aroma refreshingly natural on the exhale, with some waiting lemon notes.

Being a sativa-dominant strain (80/20 ratio), users should await strong sativa effects with mild calm due to the presence of indica genetics. The effects of smoking will obtain some time to kick in fully but once it does, you will fell just how stoned you are. Users may find themselves delightful for no reason as happiness melts away any tension and worries they have. An discharge of energy will overtake any fatigue and will get you lively and ready to go. Many customers also describe bouts of imaginations and focus. Super Lemon Haze also calm the user but definitely does not cause laziness or a couch-locking effect. Together with a euphoric buzz that disappear fatigue and stress, it is a perfect strain for wake-n-bakes and foremost day smoking. Observe that this strain has a high THC content with an average of 25% (beginners beware!).

Medical Benefits;

This strain is used to treat medical situations such as:
Loss of appetite
Acute pain

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