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This is the basis strain for many hybrids that are on the market. These are preferably bushy plants that grow to about 160cm and yield big resinous buds. Developed mainly outdoors, these plants are not quite long enough to avert them from indoor growing, though submit are often smaller without hydroponics or lights. Their smoke is easy and backfire like with a very hash like feel. The buzz is good, but not too interminable and the plant flowers for 10-12 weeks as a late bloomer. This is most often recommended as the base strain from which the dispensary acts to find the right match for the patient. It is rarely prescribed instantly though it can often end up being the plant of choice. Mainly for water-filtered smokers and hooka customers. Treats a variety of situations thanks to its mellowness, including multiple sclerosis.

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One of the most fabulous strains to exist in the history of cannabis, this strain hardly needs an foreword. A pure indica landrace strain, Hindu Kush strain (sometimes assign to as Hindi Kush), is named after and native to the eminence ranges between Pakistan and Afghanistan. It was bring about,over to North America back in the 70s and 80s, and to this day resdue one of the most famous and potent strains on the cannabis market. Its THC potency can reach a lurching 32%, providing a powerful yet extremely delightful high with a plethora of effects. It has sweet yet fresh and earthy smell and flavours, furthering the happiness of ingesting this strain! Whether you’re a begginer or seasoned cannabis user, and whether you’re utilizing for recreational or medical purposes, Hindu Kush is a crucial and legendary part of cannabis history and tradition that everyone must accept at least once!.


The high of Hindu Kush strain is low and subtle, creeping up on users gradationally both cerebrally and physically before it overhaul you with a strong sense of calmness! Feelings of euphoria will clean over you, taking away any wrong thoughts and depression and as your state of happiness further elevates, restful calm will also settle throughout your body and limbs. These effects are durable , heavy and sedative, eventually resulting in couchlock and sleepiness, making it an ideal option for medical users seeking strong sucess to aid in the relief of a variety of symptoms or for recreational users seeking a strain that will offer a quietly calming experience! Hindu Kush strain is especially helpful in reducing insomnia due to its sedative nature, and many users have announced it to be perfect for treating chronic pains counting those connected with arthritis, nausea, , irritable bowl syndrome (IBS), cramps, headaches and muscle spasms. Its boosting nature and feeling of ease are also advantageous in alleviate anxiety, ADD/ADHD, stress and bipolar disorder. Because of its heavy hitting effects, it is suggested for night time usage and weekends

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