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A large-yielding Blueberry hybrid with a rangy appearance. Blue Dream has a fantastic Sativa-dominant effect package and preserves a lot of its mother’s Blueberry flavour. It was created in the Northern California medical community and is quickly gaining popularity in other medical states due to its effectiveness. Buy blue dream online.

What is Blue Dream?
This strain originated in the Santa Cruz region medical scene in Northern California, while its inventor is unknown. It has now exploded in popularity across all medical marijuana dispensaries, quickly becoming one of the most popular strains available. DJ Short recently re-created the strain as “Azure Haze,” utilising a Silver Haze mother and a Blueberry F4 strain. The mother plant was closer to one generation than the F5 used in the original cross.
Blue Dream is a sweet, fruity strain that tastes and smells like fresh blueberries.

The Haze adds a tinge of citrus-sandalwood sharpness to this sweet and flowery berry.

It smells floral and fruity, with some almost ‘purple’ undertones (grape, flowers) at times. Some of the expressions are floral-heavy, bordering on lavender at times.

It’s very uplifting and intellectual, and it takes a lot after its Haze father — but there’s also a strong sense of bodily relaxation and good pain relief in the background. Its potency may catch some users off guard at first, since it is energetic and aware to begin with. There are some rushy tendencies early on. Despite occasional periods of scatter-brained confusion, the strain elicits a lot of creative energy, and the user will occasionally experience near-euphoria.

As the session progresses, solid body relief seems to rise, culminating to a more Indica-like feeling at the end: warm and calm, with the patient entirely at ease. This strain is best used during the day or early evening to take the edge off the day and calm the mind and body in preparation for a comfortable night’s sleep as the effects fade.

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