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Granddaddy Purple Strain

Before reaching out to any products to buy , its very important to acknowledge oneself with its features , characteristics and effects. So lets shine some knowledge about Granddaddy Purple Strain.

Granddaddy Purple Strain(also known as Grand Daddy Purps) is a prominent Indica strain on the west coast and possibly the most well-known ‘purple’ cannabis strain in the United States. It usually comes up in three flavor that is Grape, Berry and Plum.

Origin-: Ken Estes and his colleagues in the San Francisco Bay Area set out to create the best Indica hybrid by crossing two strains with exceptional genetics – Purple Urkle and Big Bud – in 2003. Grand Daddy Purple, the offspring of these two, is a spitting copy of its parents’ best qualities: Purple Urkle’s deep and dark purple hue and Big Bud’s enormous, dense buds. The dark purple buds contrast beautifully with the vivid orange hairs and frosted white trichomes that cover the bud, making this a very photogenic strain.

Effects Of Granddaddy Purple Strain

Granddaddy Purple hits both the body and the head at first, but like most powerful Indicas, it rapidly fades into a nice body buzz. It is an excellent pain reliever for patients. In addition, it can help with sleeplessness, melancholy, and anxiety. However, novice users beware: this strain has a lot of power. Starting with one or two hits and waiting a few minutes before adding more is a good idea. As per review from customers it was found that it helps to rid of Pain( 36% Claimed) , Stress(41% Claimed )and Anxiety (34%Claimed).

granddaddy purple strain

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